Recognizing Public Works Employees

Recently, the employees of the Public Works Department in Valdosta city were recognized for their dedication and work in the city. The public works employees are the ones, who keep the community safe for those living there. They are responsible for sanitation, waste management and even engineering and without them the environment would not be the same for the residents.

The department contains 102 employees who maintain the facilities of the entire city, which includes 375,000 square feet. The engineering and mechanics supervisors within the public works make sure all the vehicles are effectively running, including the police cars and garbage trucks. However, in total there are 355 vehicles and equipment they’re responsible for.

Public works employees awarded superior performer plaques included Kenneth Howell of the customer service division, Henry Maxwell of the right-of-way division, Thurston Lamb of the yard trash division, Michael Lamb of the residential garbage division, Clarence Walker of the commercial collections division, Cedric Kier of the recycling collections division, Michael Weldon of the maintenance center, Mecedes Cason from Mathis Auditorium and Abel Braswell from Sunset Hill Cemetery.

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