Benefits of Being Employed in the Public Sector

There are many benefit programs and advantages of public employment. Public employees should consistently be rewarded for their work in the community. While public employees pay face lower pay, there are still additional benefits. These advantages may not be directly reflected in salaries or compensation, but they do provide value to employees.

1. More paid vacation days- State and local government employees usually have 9 more paid vacation and holidays each year than those in the private sector. Federal civilian employees have on average 13 more days of paid vacation time than private employees.

2. Greater  job security- Public employees are far less likely to be terminated from their position. In fact, private employees are three times more likely to lose their job.

3. Better severance pay- There are many agencies that provide significant severance pay that can equal two years of base salary.

4. Early retirement- Most public employees are able to retire sooner than employees in the private sector. They can even retire earlier and have full benefits

5. Automatic pension benefit increases- More than 60% of state and local government employees receive pension increases.

6. Pension benefits excluded from state income taxes- In some states, federal and state government employees are exempt from paying state income tax on their retiree income.

7. Benefit retirement plans- Most public employees are covered under a defined benefit plan.

8. Additional paid personal days- Many states provide additional paid personal days for public employees.

9. Federal income tax and benefits- Public employee benefits often are provided free from federal income tax.

10. State income tax and benefits- Public employee benefits often are provided free from state income tax.

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